Green Survivat is a foundation promoting awareness of Suriname’s nature, with its primary focus on the Upper Suriname area.

Our vision

Enabling people to extract the broadest possible range of forest products in a sustainable manner. We accomplish this by frequent visits to village communities where we either establish community based projects or maintain existing projects on a result-oriented course.

Our mission

Helping communities to preserve their forests while gradually leading them into a financially sustainable livelihood.

Our values

Helping to preserve the traditions that make up the culture of the various Maroon communities and increasing the public awareness of other rural groups in Suriname.

Our team

Frank Groenenberg - Green Survivat

Team leader

Frank Groenenberg attracts and supervises projects in which the balance between human needs and nature is harmoniously maintained. He also investigates and describes the opportunities and bottlenecks in the rural communities.


Marcel van Ommeren writes project documents and educational material and investigates natural phenomena.

Field worker

Aigene Mai is well known by the Saramaccan people of Upper Suriname and works as the liaison between the various communities and Green Survivat. He is entrepreneur by profession and has managed various agricultural projects.


Kleusja Adipi is teacher by profession and is mainly concerned with gender issues and capacity enhancement, especially regarding the acquiring of independent living income for Maroon women.

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